Our Focus


Superb care of the fetal and pediatric patient requires not only productive clinical interaction of disparate clinical disciplines, but successful collaboration of diverse biological and physical science groups in the research laboratory. The problems of our small patients are also the motivation for investigators in the basic sciences to assist in the understanding of disease mechanism and develop new therapies to cure, ameliorate, or prevent previously untreatable birth defects.

An underlying premise of our research is the assumption that the current relatively primitive, albeit successful, surgical approaches to the correction of structural birth defects will be complemented and in many cases supplanted by molecular, cell, or organ transplantation in the near future. The focus of our research is in areas that promise to radically change the way we will diagnose and treat human fetuses, newborns, and children with birth defects over the next decade. Our research program builds on existing strengths already present with our lab and others at UCSF, develops links to private biotechnology firms, and emphasizes translation to innovative human therapies.

Principal Investigators

The research conducted by our Principal Investigators spans basic science investigation to translational approaches to novel clinical therapies in the area of fetal and pediatric surgery.